I have readers!

I knew from the beginning that Listed had a guestbook, but I never really gave it any thought. I don't think I ever scrolled down far enough on the settings to see that there were actually guestbook entries. I guess someone is reading this after all! ;)

**So... to my legions of fans; first of all, thank you for reading and second, I hope to not bore you too much with my drivel.

And with that in mind, on to the drivel.

Yesterday was the first day I left my house in over a month. I had to pick up a prescription and the pharmacy wasn't going to hold it any longer. Since I was going out, I took the opportunity to support a local restaurant and pick up dinner. It was the first take out/dining out type thing since I locked myself in. It was fantastic! I couldn't stop smiling all evening. Something that a few weeks ago was ordinary and done without much thought was now one of the most glorious things. When this is over it's going to be a while before I take dining out for granted again. It wasn't even that spectacular of a meal. It was a burrito from a local Mexican place. It was slathered in cheese sauce and just left a happy feeling in my stomach. We had been avoiding going out because we live in a location with several older people who would be prime candidates to succumb to COVID-19 and I don't want to do anything to make them ill. My wife and I did a lot of research about the safety of getting takeout before we went and took every precaution. I know it was still a risk but I was relieved to see everyone at the restaurant wearing masks and gloves so I know they were taking precautions too.

Wherever you are and whatever your circustances, I hope you are faring will through all of this and I wish you good health (both physical and mental).

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